RV Camping Tips

RV Camping Tips And Tricks For Beginners 2021

You may wonder what is rv camping like? And you may be a little stressed as you pack for your first ever RV camping trip. Besides, you even may question whether you have packed all the essential things that you need for the trip.Living in a completely distinct lifestyle gives you a sense of independence.

You get to experience total liberty from the usual sequence of living inside a room. In addition to that, living in camp with you family gives you incredible experience and strengthen the bond with closer ones this 6 Family Camping Tents That Get The Whole Gang Outside will be the best helpful guide to help you pick the right camping tent for you according to your gang.

This is why it is not surprising that many people want to go on RV camping. Though, no matter how enticing it is to commence this kind of lifestyle, RV camping doesn't come so smoothly.

Before anything else and before you jump into enjoying an RV camping weekend, you need to go through these first time rv camping tips. Whether you’re an experienced RVer or you’re just a beginner to take your first trip, the rv camping ideas and tips below are sure to help you out.

Plan Your RV Trip

Even though it’s interesting to have an unplanned weekend trip, it’s still great to have a plan ahead of time.

This way, you can notify your closest relatives of your destination, which can be helpful for security and safety purposes.

Other than that, you’ll know which camping grounds are and the best spots to stay and enjoy a beautiful view. Furthermore, you need to consider the toll charges. All of these factors should be taken into consideration while planning your first rv camping trip.

Choosing A Campsite

If you are going to visit a famous location, ensure you’ve made a booking. Many popular RV destinations are reserved throughout the year in advance, which suggests you should always call before visiting such a place. 

If you drive to the campsite just to realize that you should have made a booking before coming to this place, trust me you’ll be disappointed. Besides making reservations, further RV camping tips for beginners include:

  1. Checking reviews of the place.

  2. View the destination using Google Maps Satellite.

Most of the campgrounds charge comparatively very low for weekly bookings to nightly reservations. 

If you’re going for a prolonged camp period, you’ll save a vital amount of money by reviewing the weekly and monthly rates before you make a booking.

RV Packing Tips for Beginners

As a newbie RV camper, an rv packing tips beginners can be a lifesaver! It is a good approach to make an rv packing list and keep it with you for reference till you actually get the hang of things. 

To make sure you don’t forget any necessary items, make a packing checklist. This checklist will develop as you take more rv trips and discover what you need and didn’t bring and what you took that you never touched. 

Create a pre-trip RV packing list to help you retain all the things you need to do before taking off… this could include packing, making sure all appliances are off and other things such as:

  1. All passengers are accounted for.

  2. Checking the RV tires.

  3. Everything is latched and secured.

  4. Making sure the awning is pulled in.

  5. Making sure the RV Jacks are pulled up.

Once you’ve reached the camp, a setup packing list will assist you to avoid things like a shower drain backup. A camp setup checklist should include:

  1. Hooking up Sewer

  2. Hooking up Water

  3. Leveling the RV

  4. Securing Wheels

  5. Setting up lawn chairs/outside area

  6. Setting up Pop-Ups or Opening Slides

Carry a General Tool Kit

Having a general toolkit ready with you is always useful. Don't forget to bring screwdrivers, wrenches and a hammer. Extra rain gear, bungee cords, levels, gorilla tape, and a headlamp will also help to keep you safe when you want to make repairs or in case there is an emergency during your rv trip.

How to Save on Gas

Gas refills make RV experience an expensive thing, so always make sure that you’re not spending your gas unreasonably. Avoid driving during a stormy day to save on gas. Increased resistance due to the high profile of gust wind will result in more gas consumption.
Moreover, drive gently to enjoy the road trip and the beautiful view around you. It might take a while to arrive at your destination, but you’ll definitely save extra on your gas and see the stunning views at the same time.

Make Your Playlist

Yes making a playlist of your favorite songs is always the best option before hitting the road with an RV. It is obvious that you may feel bored during the ride, your favorite songs will surely boost your energy and help you change your mood. also don't forget the streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime. These are the best option for your kids as well as you to refresh your mood by watching your favorite tv series or movie.

Plan Meals for the RV Trip

Plan all your meals and be ready with a list of food items you’ll necessitate for the trip. Avoid over-packing the RV with food that is putrescible.

Pack some prepared food so that you’ll not pay large sums of money on food items at grocery shops in remote regions.

Prepare some chopped-up greens from home and freeze them before you hit the road. Soups can also be a quick and simple meal when you are craving but don’t want a large meal.

Plan RV Road Trip Budget

Buying an RV can take an exaction on your finances if you’re not concerned. Before you purchase new accessories and appliances for your RV, check around your house for matches. After that, try buying second for items you may require around the RV. Youtube can be the best place to know about how to repair your RV yourself rather than spending tons of money at the technician.

RV Driving Tips and Tricks for Beginners

An RV is more long and wide than your regular car and so is a trailer. therefore, mirrors are going to be your best companion. Learn how to use your mirrors and make sure they’re in the proper position for driving.

Drive slowly and always remember that you require to begin braking earlier than you would in a car. an RV or travel trailer weighs extra and needs more stopping distance.

Don’t trust Google Maps. Unless and until you’re using an RV or Semi-Truck specific GPS, be careful when planning your route. Google Maps will always take you the fastest route, and the fastest way isn’t always going to be convenient for RV

In particular, you will require to identify the height of your RV or trailer to ensure you avoid low bridges and overpasses. It’s also helpful to know your RV's weight because some bridges have weight limits too.

Have Any Other RV Camping Tips and Tricks?

Whether you’re an experienced RVer or just getting started, yet, you may have some of your own useful RV camping tips and tricks. There are several different ways to make RV life easier so let us know what you do to enhance your time on the road.

Even if you don’t have any tips and tricks to share, drop a comment below and let us know where are you planning to take your RV to next.